Introducing our initial products, the Legionnaire and the Hoplite. Both sights are very similar, but each one offers a couple of distinct advantages and will draw different customers. Both utilize a pyramid shape, to form a triangle for aiming, naturally drawing the shooters eye up to the point. The Legionnaire offers a larger aiming face, which allows for quicker acquisition of the sight picture, while the Hoplite offer backward compatibility with many of the sight adjustment tools that are currently on the market. Both sights also offer an aiming point that is almost four times more precise than a standard mil-spec front sight post.
        Our front sight posts are precision machined out of high quality stainless steel in our hometown of Bryan, TX. They are then sent down the road to Brenham, TX to get a Melonite treatment, which chemically hardens the surface, and creates a flat black appearance that won’t chip off, and helps protect it from oxidizing. It certainly wasn’t the cheapest way to get our products made, but we believe in supporting local businesses, and we know that the vast majority of our customers would agree.