Average Guy Solutions


Average Guy Solutions was founded to provide custom designed shooting and outdoor products at a price that everyone can afford. The market is saturated with high-end suppliers of these products, but even with all the competition, the products are not at a price point that many can afford. In this market that is a problem, and we are the solution.

About Us

A.G.S.’s first product line is a custom designed front sight post for Modern Sporting Rifles, also known as the AR-15, and its derivatives. Since the 1960’s, the front sight post has seen very few changes, and had drastic room for improvement. With the size and shape of the post, it is both difficult to acquire and difficult to precisely aim at smaller targets.

Many shooters and outdoors-men, who have chosen not to install a magnified optic, have “solved” these shortcomings by installing a non-magnified optical sight, that can range anywhere from $100-800$. However, for those that either did not, or cannot, make that modification, there are very few options. In fact, the only sight currently on the market that accomplishes similar tasks as our product is almost twice as expensive, and only offers a quarter of the precision.